The Beginning is Here

Dear Future Husband,

Words cannot express how excited I over you. You have no idea I how much I have prayed for you, our marriage, our ministries; both collectively and individually and our life’s work. I can truly say, I already love someone I’ve never even met. That someone is you! I am looking forward to your presence being manifested in my life. Until that happens…I have some work to do and I am sure you do too!

While I am embracing this season of singleness, I want you to know about me and my journey to you. I figured I would write you letters about my ups and downs of life, the things I learned, things I still need to master, my goals for our marriage and everything else under the sun. In addition, I wanted other Christian women to read and learn from my experiences and also encourage them as they wait on God to be found by their future husbands.

Thanks to two of my other mamas, what was something just for you has become a blog. I am sure you will be thankful to the both of them; just as many others will. Until then…

I say to you, sit back, enjoy the ride and get ready for the woman God has created just for you. I’m coming soon and I will be worth the wait!

Stay Tuned,

Your Future Wife

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