Daily Living


Dear Future Husband,

Date me every day. Let the life we teach, post and promote be the life we live daily. You don’t have to flaunt what you do. You can show me better then you can tell anyone. Remember to tell me how much you love me more then you tell others. Our marriage will not be about showing off or being grand. It is about the promises of God manifested in our lives and our assignment to show consistent, covenant, and Godly marriage.

When we become one, it is essential that I as your wife is your first priority; just as you as my husband will be my first priority. Remember to cater, serve and submit to me as my husband as I have promised to cater, serve and submit to you as your wife. When God destined you for me and me for you, He made sure that everything we needed in a partner would provide in one another. Daily we must seek to be the person God have created us to be; first for ourselves but also for one another. As I strive to be that, I pray that you do the same.

Husband, this is why the two of us will become one. Alone, as two individuals, we were able to accomplish so much, be and do great things. But when we become one, our purposes will become greater, our impact will be enhanced and our greatness will be magnified. And in the end, only God will be glorified.

Here’s to daily living!

Your Future Wife

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